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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Diaper Bag Dilemma

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom of 2 children? PACKING THE DIAPER BAG!  (sorry about the caps, but it’s a big deal. seriously.)

I’ve only taken my 2 kiddos out a couple times seeing as Eliana is still so young but WOWZA, it’s hard to pack everything into one bag.  It’s not so much that I can’t remember to pack everything I need, it’s more that I have zero room to work with.

I’ve tried every diaper bag I own with the exception of one I have in storage(which is no bigger than the ones I have in my home) and I literally can not fit all the diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp rags, toys, etc. 

Now, the hubster tends to think this is not an issue. Supposedly, this is something that’s in my noggin and there is, in fact, room for each and every thing. I secretly (well, blasting it on a blog isn’t exactly a secret LOL) can’t wait until Thanksgiving Day when he will see how little room we have for the many things we need to bring with us. And when I have to bust out a SECOND diaper bag to put one of my child’s necessities in, all I’ll need to shoot is that “I told ya so” look.

So moms and dads who know, I need your help. Please let me know what diaper bag would be perfect for taking around 2 kiddos in diapers.

I’ve looked at the Duo Double diaper bag from Skip Hop. My friend, who is also a mom of 2, has one and it is wonderful. Here’s what it looks like (well, the style I want, anyway).

skiphopNice, right?

Then, there’s the BePrepared diaper bag from Ju*Ju*Be. This one has room, room, and more room but it cost a tad bit more than the Skip Hop. (A.K.A. it’s a harder sell for the hubster.) Take a look!

beprepared Sigh…decisions, decisions.

Do you know of a fab bag for a mom of 2? I’m taking suggestions!

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