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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rejoice With Me!!!

I thought the day would never come. I thought I may be changing his diapers forever. BUT, Alex has learned to use the potty and keep his underwear dry. He's even gone in public restrooms (thanks to his fold-up, Lightning McQueen potty seat.)

I don't know what inspired me. Alex had been trying to use the potty on and off while wearing diapers. I knew that he understood the idea and that he was probably being lazy since I put him back in diapers each time he went. But last week, I decided it was TIME. I put him in underwear and told the hubster that I didn't want to use diapers anymore.

Since my decision to go ahead and put him in underwear, Alex has had few accidents. Most of them were due to the fact that he simply didn't get to his potty in time. I'm so excited for the ease in his transition. He's DONE with diapers and we can put that budgeted money elsewhere now. WOO HOO!

Of course, our victory comes the bittersweet feelings of Alex being potty trained. I'm SO SO proud but it's a little sad at the same time. My boy is done with his "baby" years and is ready to enter his Pre-school years. Wow! And while I haven't cried about it yet, part of me really wants to. LOL
Let's all raise our coffee mugs and rejoice! Alex put on his big boy pants. :)

**I should add that we did celebrate with him. We took him to the Disney Store where he chose to buy "Snot Rod" and "Boost" cars that light up. They're pretty cool! We also had a movie night where he ate far too many snacks. ;) **



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