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Monday, March 29, 2010

Eliana Needs Your Vote!

My sweet, little miss wants to win this contest. If she does, she'll get a $500 gift card to Babies R Us (hello, we can totally use this) and also be featured in our local news paper as the area's cutest baby (just a little perk).

Voting is simple and should be done daily. ;) Just register to vote and then click on the Save Vote button 10 times in a row every day from now until April 7th. If she makes it to the top 20, she'll move on to Round 2 voting which will take place from April 12th-28th.

PLEASE help us win this contest! We could really use this money toward buying some things for Eliana and Alex. Her widget is on my sidebar permanently to remind everyone and give you a quick hop over to her voting page.

Thanks so much!!!



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