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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Entered A Giveaway!

Did you know we're waiting for word on a bid we put in on a house? Well, we are. That means we may be getting a house (instead of a condo) very soon! We're so excited.

Anywho, having a house means that my kiddos will get their own rooms. I had been thinking that if we do get the house, I want Eliana's room to be a cute garden theme. And guess what? I found a giveaway that would fit that idea perfectly. The winner will receive a Kenneth Brown bedding set that is perfectly sweet.

I'm reluctant to share the link so let's just agree that if you enter and win, you'll ship the prize to me. LOL ;)

Visit Momma's Review to see what I'm swooning over for my little miss and please wish us luck.

Did you vote for Eliana today? Go here: It's super easy!



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