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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Not Posting Pictures

because I don't want you to cringe like I do every time I look at it.

What is "it"? "It" is the HUGE gash in Alex's tongue.

Wait a second. I have the chills again.

OK. Here's the story. Alex climbed on top of our TV stand this morning and didn't hold his balance very well.  His feet slid out from underneath him and he took a tumble. The last, big part of his fall was banging his jaw on the stand followed by the biggest scream ever.

He turned and looked at me while screaming and all I could see was a mouth full of blood. *cringing again*

I tried to think of what I could do to stop the bleeding so I chopped up some ice cubes, gave him cold water to drink, and got him a small bowl of ice cream.  All he wanted was the ice. I, shaking like a leaf, called the hubster at work. I told him, "I need advice right now! There's blood all over the place."

After he heard what happened he told me I was doing everything right for now and so I decided to plop Alex in front of the TV with his ice and give it a few minutes. There was no change and he was still screaming. Here's where I started getting super nervous.

I called the hubster back and told him I was going to the ER right away and asked that he meet us there. I then took a sleeping Eliana out of her crib and placed her in her carseat.  We were off...

When I got to the hospital, I was grateful for the free valet service and I took advantage of it. They helped me get the stroller out for Eliana and I rolled us into the ER lobby. After checking in at the desk, we were off to the triage area.

Now, you know things like this can't go too smoothly, right? As I sat at the desk, I was trying to answer the nurse's questions while Alex was wailing in one ear and Eliana was wailing in the other. He was in pain and she was hungry. Fun!

We got through that and then it was off to a room to wait for a doctor. As 2 kids are still screaming, I was trying to get Eliana a bottle. Then someone else showed up with more questions. Aah! I was so stressed out and just wanted to calm down my little ones, you know?


So the doctor looks at Alex's tongue and I almost passed out. The cut was huge. However, after looking at the cut, the doctor said Alex would be better off going home and letting it heal on its own since the bleeding wasn't too bad anymore.   ????
I was relieved for Alex as I knew stitches on his tongue would mean they knock him out (IV's are no fun) but I couldn't believe I went through all of that just to be sent home. UGH!

SO. One crying toddler and a hospital priced popcicle later, he's home and doing alright...and all I can think about is coffee. Surprised?

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