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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drum Roll Please.... (Winner Announcement)

I have 2 winners to announce! One is for the Parigi ~ Apple Bottoms baby attire and the other is for the Americn Girl ~ My American Girl doll!

1st winning the scrumptious outfit from Parigi is...

2nd, winning the new My American Girl Doll is...

**Can I just say something? After visiting Leigh's blog, I was in tears because I knew this doll was going to a wonderful home. I'm inspired beyond belief by Leigh and her journey to adoption. Amazing. And to Leigh, YOU are the heart of the Shine On Now movement at American Girl. May your life and your story continue to "Shine On" to your readers and may your children, hand picked by God for your family, find their way to your home soon.

Alright, no more emotional stuff. I promise. 

I've e-mailed the winners and will wait 48 hours for their prize to be claimed before randomly selecting another winner or winners. 



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