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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Like I Remembered

Being the Mom of a little girl wakes up many, many memories of my childhood. Things that I had long forgotten suddenly come to mind and I wish I still had them.

For example, I remember one Christmas when Santa (my Grandpa) brought my sister and I new dolls for Christmas while we were visiting my Grandparent's home. Oh, my was I excited! This doll looked like me, was soft, had a cute dress, and was exactly what I wanted for Christmas that year.

I loved that doll as a little girl and I can't remember what made me OK with getting rid of it or even when I got rid of it. Long story short, I had wished that I had kept it as soon as I saw how Eliana's face lights up when she sees a doll.

I had accepted that my doll was long gone and finding a doll like her would be very hard. That is, until last night.

Alex and I went on a date together to McDonald's and he really wanted to stop at a store on the way home. I decided we would stop at Salvation Army (the toys are way cheaper there LOL). While we perused the toy section, I looked in this big playpen full of dolls and suddenly, there she was.

I pulled out a doll that looked just like the one I remembered as a girl. She had a couple of dirty spots on her, but I could see that those would wipe right off. I picked her up and tucked her under my arm. This doll was coming home with me.

I started cleaning her up when I got her home and then, just out of curiosity, I did a Google search to see if original clothes were available for sale. (My doll's clothes had been switched out for some awful, Peter Pan-looking attire.) And do you know what I found? The doll I had just purchased for $2.00 was being sold for anywhere from $50 - $150 and more. I couldn't believe it.

Truly, I had found a treasure! This My Child doll from Mattel (circa 1985) is worth way more than I expected.

The hubster asked me if I was going to sell her after I cleaned her up. My answer? "NO! I'm not getting rid of this one!"

I'm just glad that Eliana can have the doll I once had. :)



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