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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eye Spy ~ Sweetpea Beauty

I often get updates in my e-mail or even find things as I browse the web that make me say "Oooooo". And while I'd love to share each and every one of these things with you, I wanted it to somehow "make sense" on my blog. To tie it all together, I've created the "Eye Spy" girl to share these special things with you (and remind myself of the details when the hubster asks me for a gift idea).  Enjoy!

Veggie Tales is releasing a new DVD called Sweetpea Beauty on July 31st. This is something that they created especially for their female audience and as a mom to a little girl, I couldn't be more excited. Here's a bit of the synopsis found at the Sweetpea Beauty page:

Once upon a time, there lived a royally sour blueberry, a fair rhubarb maiden and a dastardly deceptive mirror! Sweetpea Beauty knows that what’s on the inside is what matters most, but insecure Queen Blueberry can’t see past her own reflection! So, when a decree is handed down that only the most beautiful can rule the land, the Queen gets nervous and things turn ugly! Banished to the dark forest, Sweetpea’s fate seems bleak until a charming prince, a band of merry minstrels and seven snow peas come to the rescue! Will Sweetpea and her friends be able to warn the Queen in time to save her from the clutches of the tricky mirror – or will the crumbling kingdom and the Queen’s own heart be lost forever? Find out in this fairy "Veggie" tale about the real meaning of true beauty.

Now, the whole reason I'm sharing this with you is because I just saw this video for Sweetpea Beauty from Nichole Nordeman. She is one of my favorite, female vocalists and the song she wrote is just precious. It reaches hearts of all ages. Check it out! After you listen to it, click the link I've included in the post to order your DVD. :)

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. My "finds" are selected and posted by my own choosing while I receive nothing in return. (is it that hard to believe a blogger would post something without gaining anything? lol)



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