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Monday, July 26, 2010

So, Mrs. What's The Scoop?

I've talked in the past about having BIG ideas and having my heart broken into pieces for the children in Thailand.

I know that I know that my "call" in life is to work with orphans and foster children. I've simply never had anything else weigh so heavy on my heart. I've never felt as though anything else could be the one thing I'm supposed to do with my life. Aside from career aspirations. Aside from hobbies. This one topic is at the very core of what makes my heart beat.

After much thought and prayer, I've decided to not go on the trip to Thailand this October. Yes, I feel strongly about that area of the globe and what goes on there. Yes, I want to go. The good news is, this is something that I will have many opportunities to do while at my church as they work closely with the orphanage there. For right now, I just don't feel like this is the trip I'm supposed to go on. So, I'll keep my ears and eyes open for other opportunities to serve there and I will wait for the right time.

The better news is, the hubster and I may be closer to bringing things into focus for our home and family. By that I mean our conversations seem to be pointing toward something specific and we'll be seeking out information soon. Once we have that information, should we decide to move forward, I'll be happy to share about that here.

As for our home renovation. Well, (lol) things have been moving. They're moving slowly (which is not at all the way I like to see things done ) but they're moving. We bought some great pieces from IKEA to help keep things organized and create a "home" for things like diaper bags, shoes, toys, etc. Then, we came to the issue of flooring/kitchen/bathrooms. What we've decided is that we want to pay cash for whatever we do and we want to do it right. With that in mind, as well as a family vacation to Florida, we've set our eyes on redoing the kitchen next April and who knows when on everything else. For me, the kitchen is the most important area to renovate so the other areas can wait. I've virtually designed the kitchen so we know what we're looking at as far as cost is concerned. Now, we just save money and wait. (P.S. Gift cards to IKEA would be great anniversary and Christmas gift ideas!! wink, wink)

Beyond all of that, we're busy here with 2 wonderful, growing children who are a constant blessing to me everyday. Eliana's been on the move for about a month now which means we're even busier. LOL She says "Mama" all the time and is trying her hardest to learn sign language. Alex is getting ready for Pre-school and he's very excited to get started. I suppose I should bottle up this excitement so I can remind him of how excited he was to go to school when he gets older. ;)

I think that sums things up nicely for now.

Any questions?



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