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Monday, September 13, 2010

American Girl Says Goodbye to Felicity

For some, this may be "old news" but I just have to share it here. As a mom who is proud to have opportunities to work with American Girl and as a big kid who still loves her doll, it's bittersweet for me to share this. 

American Girl is retiring the doll Felicity to make room for new characters to be introduced. Fortunately, they will still print and sell all of the books in Felicity's line so I can read these stories with Eliana some day as I share with her my own stories. 

Felicity was not a doll I owned. My sister and I were fortunate enough that some "Christmas Angel" helped us to get our Kirsten and Samantha dolls at the ages of around 7 and 9 (if memory serves me correctly). I do remember Felicity fondly, though. She was the first doll introduced who had red hair. My Mom and Grandma are red-heads so I found this to be a beautiful thing. 

In fact, when Felicity was introduced to our catalog (I was about 9), there was a tea party at our local bookstore to celebrate. Girls of all ages were invited to bring their dolls for tea and to hear a bit of Felicity's story. My mom made matching outfits for myself and Kirsten to wear and we joined her best friend and daughter for the party. Long story short, I had an amazing time and begged to get Felicity for Christmas. 

Even though I never had the chance to own her, I love the memory of celebrating her with my mom and friends. What a special time we had. 

Hmm...maybe Santa can send me Felicity for Christmas this year?? Probably not, huh? :)

Here's the press release with the details for you. 


Middleton, WI—September 1, 2010: American Girl officially announced plans today to say

farewell to Felicity Merriman, one of the company’s treasured historical characters introduced

in 1991. Felicity’s complete product collection, including her best friend Elizabeth Cole™, will

soon be removed from American Girl’s catalogue, Web site, and retail stores and placed in the

American Girl Archives™. Because stories are at the heart of the company’s mission to celebrate

girls, the Felicity books will still be sold on, at American Girl’s retail stores, and

at bookstores nationwide.

Felicity, a spirited girl living in Williamsburg, VA, in 1774, has captured girls’ imaginations with her

compelling story of strength and determination in Colonial America. Countless girls have found

a friend in Felicity while learning about the trials and triumphs of growing up at the start of the

Revolutionary War, from saving a beautiful horse named Penny to learning how to be a proper


Felicity’s departure makes it possible for the company to introduce new characters and product

offerings. Even though Felicity will be moved to the American Girl Archives, she retains her place

within American Girl’s family of historical characters—nine-year-old heroines who give girls today

a glimpse of what life was like growing up during important times in America’s past.

The Felicity products are currently available through the American Girl catalogue, at, and at American Girl retail stores. To request a free catalogue, call


**I received no compensation or product for sharing this. American Girl asked if I would post this and I agreed. Plain and simple. I am just a mom who loves American Girl and wants to keep you up to date.



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