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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Infantino ~ Flip Carrier and Firefly Soother (review)

As an Infantino Test Drive Mom, I was recently sent the second installment of review items while I'm working with them on their campaign. To read the first reviews click either of the 2, following links. 

For the 2nd round, I was able to select a baby carrier in recognition of September's National Baby Wearing Month. Out of those available, I chose the Flip Carrier to review. In the past, I've tried a few different kinds of carriers with my children and this looked like something I wanted to use with Eliana.

As you can see from the pictures, this carrier allows you to wear your baby facing in, out, or on your back. These options are what make it so appealing to me.

I tried this out for the first time when I was keeping my daughter with me while running a table at a Mom-2-Mom sale. With all of the busyness in the room, she wanted to see what was going on but she wanted to be "held" at the same time. Because of this, I knew that facing her out was the way to go. 

It wasn't too difficult to get her into the carrier. I read instructions and watched a video tutorial to be sure that I was doing it right before attempting, though. The last thing I wanted was to make Eliana uncomfortable or to hurt her accidentally. You can view that same video to get an idea of how it works.

Quickly and easily, I put Eliana into the carrier and she was more than content to be there and see all that was going on. I can tell she was comfortable as I didn't hear her fussing or complaining at all. She just smiled at everyone she saw and enjoyed bopping back and forth with me as I worked.

When she finally got tired, I took her out of the carrier, gave her a diaper change, and fed her. This gave her a bit of a break before her nap time. I honestly was so amazed at how easily this worked. I never thought I would get her to nap at the Mom-2-Mom sale but wanted to give it a try so she could get some rest.

This time, I put her back into the carrier facing me. She moved around a bit until her head found the most comfortable position and then she went to sleep. Just like that. I was so happy and could continue to run my table.

I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking I must have been breaking my back during this time. Not at all. The carrier distributes the weight so well that I never reached a moment when I was in pain. This is so important to me. I have a terrible back but I don't want that to keep me from holding my children when they need me to.

The only problem we've run into with the Flip Carrier is that my husband can't successfully wear it with Eliana. His shoulders are too broad. We've tried adjusting everything we can, and this just doesn't fit right on him. (I should add that my husband is of average or less than average weight so this has nothing to do with body fat.)

Beyond that, there are no issues to speak of and I love the Flip Carrier.

We were also able to review the Firefly Soother infant/crib toy.

Not only do I think this is absolutely adorable, it has become a very beloved part of Eliana going to sleep in her crib.

Now, this has settings for lights, motion, music, and sounds where you can set your own preferences. For Eliana, we have it set where motion is on as well as nature sounds and lights. The sounds are of crickets and other evening sounds like it. She just loves it and has to have it turned on before she goes down to sleep.

I love the fact that it's easily in reach and she can turn it on all on her own if she needs to. This gives her a feeling of independence and saves me from having to run in to turn it on for her.

I took this picture right after she fell asleep for nap one day. You can see the little fireflies lit up.

This picture I made as big as possible to show you 2 things.

First, I want you to see how easily and safely this attaches to the side of the crib. In my picture of Eliana sleeping, you'll notice that we've put the Firefly Soother on the side of the crib that's against the wall so it's pretty hard for me to show you what it looks like secured.  The clip with the adjustable straps is way easier to use than the other crib toy she has. I don't dare think of removing it from her crib, either, as I know it's a royal pain to do.

Second, I wanted you to see that this is something that can grow out of the crib with a toddler too. It's wonderful to use as a night light on a dresser or bed stand after the crib isn't being used anymore. Eliana already knows how to turn this on as she needs so it will be great for her to use as she transitions to a "big girl" bed. Also, my 3 year old really wanted it to be just for him when it first arrived. It was so sweet to see him find comfort in something I thought was just for infants.

Here are the features as listed on the website.

Mix of music, lights, and motion with soothing rhythms and nature sounds to help your little critter drift away to night-night. Made in China.
  • Bedtime bugs dance and glow with colorful lights
  • Smart and simple buckle system fits most cribs
  • Transitions from a soother for infants to a comforting nightlight for toddlers

This is something that would be a perfect gift for a new mom. I love much it helps me with naps. Honestly, Eliana listens to it and watches it until she drifts off to sleep. It's the best. 

BUY IT: The Flip Carrier retails for $39.99
and the Firefly Soother retails for $39.99

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation.” 



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