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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bella Tunno ~ For The Road (review)

I recently stumbled upon Bella Tunno while "window shopping" for headbands for Eliana. What I found, beyond headbands, was a website filled with stylish, practical accessories that any mom could use for her little ones and love. From burpies, to bibs, to diaper bags, Bella Tunno is a one stop shop for everyday, mommy needs.

When corresponding with Bella Tunno, I was offered to review a couple of items for our road trip. The 2 items selected for me could not have been better.

Let's talk about the Little Linker first. This handy item attaches on one end to a child's cup/bottle/toy and on the other end attaches to their stroller/car seat/high chair. It's available in 2 styles but I chose the "Sassy Lassie". I just loved the colors for Eliana.

The Little Linker has a strong, nylon webbing that is attached to thick, polka dot elastic at either end. On the cup pictured above, the elastic fit snugly around the cup but not so tight that I feared the snap would come undone.

The snaps are plastic but much stronger than I expected they would be. This picture is to illustrate how thick the elastic strap is.

I'll say one thing about the Little Linker. I bought from a different brand who had the same idea a few years ago when I needed it for Alex. And although I really liked the idea, it slipped all the time and only held a certain shaped cup. I figured what I had was better than nothing at all but this is exactly what I wish I had years ago. 

**You can buy your Little Linker for $12.

And to help keep Alex busy and tidy while we're traveling, Bella Tunno sent a Designer Diner in their "Preppy Boy" style. Mind you, this is only one of the many different styles they offer for the Designer Diner but I thought this would be the best for us.

This is the perfect item to have on the road with us for my son. I know we're going to get a lot of use out of it whether we're eating in, eating out, or eating at a picnic table at a rest area.

The Designer Diner is made of fabric that I can easily wipe clean. When it's untied and opened up, it shows off its creative side with its chalkboard fabric and chalk pouch. This comes with chalk that is colorful and non-toxic too so I don't need to worry.

Something like this is going to help pass the time while Alex is waiting to eat or waiting for the rest of us to finish eating. And when he's not coloring on his chalkboard, the chalk pouch can be removed {it Velcros on} and the mat can be turned over to create a place mat.

Honestly. What kid wouldn't like something like this? This will keep Alex's hands busy and give him something that he's familiar with no matter where we are.

I love how it rolls up and ties too. It's great to throw in the diaper bag and go.

**You can buy a Designer Diner in your choice style for $22.

I'm so grateful to Bella Tunno for sending these lovely and helpful items for my little ones. I'll be back stopping by the website again to buy a headband when Eliana is a little bigger.

**The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.Others may have a different experience and may not agree with my opinion. Thanks to Bella Tunno, who sent the products to review. I was able to keep the items at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review.**



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