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Thursday, December 2, 2010

American Girl Makes The Perfect Gift (review)


You should already know how I feel about American Girl. The past I had with them and the future I look forward to with my own daughter is kept in a special place in my heart. 

Back when Alex was just a small-fry and Eliana was a mere twinkle in my eye, I remember seeing my friend's daughter with her Bitty Baby from American Girl and swooning over it. I loved that the doll was the perfect size for her little hands and that it was softer to play with as well. Then and there I made a mental note: "If I ever have a little girl, I want her to have a Bitty Baby doll from American Girl."

Time passed and now I do have my little girl. Believe you, me, I wanted to go out and buy her a Bitty Baby right away. I held off and now I'm happy I did.

American Girl wanted to be included in the Gift Guide and allowed me to choose from a few different things. I landed on the Bitty Twins and I couldn't resist. The pair I chose was completely up to me. I could choose 2 girls, 2 boys, or one girl and one boy. I could also choose hair color and ethnicity. Since Eliana is Alex's little sister, I chose a boy and girl pair with blonde hair and blue eyes. I thought it would be fun for her to have a brother and sister to play with.

Here is how the dolls arrive in their box. Are they not angelic? I adore the detail put into their faces and the bright, matching outfits.

Surprisingly, Alex was very excited to see these dolls as well. He asked their names and I told him that we had to come up with them. He named the boy "Buddy" {that's Alex's nickname} and I suggested "Grace" for the girl as that's Eliana's middle name. He liked those names and told Eliana, "This is 'Buddy' and this is 'Grace', peanut!"

 These dolls don't stand on their own but are standing supported. The argyle outfits are the same for any pair you choose. They're bright, and very well made. The dolls even have undergarments on.

The doll's bodies are so soft and that means they're perfect for little ones to hug and handle. This is perfect as Eliana loves nothing more than to give her "babies" a big hug. Also, she's less likely to hurt herself if she's tossing them around as she tends to do. 

These cuties are 15" tall and of course, there is an entire line of clothing and accessories to go with them. With Eliana being so small, I'm not sure what we'll be buying for her in the near future but I definitely foresee some clothes shopping going on as soon as she can change them herself. And yes, the clothes will be matching if I have any say in it. ;)

Speaking of Eliana, can you tell she loves her new Bitty Twins? She's completely smitten. 

The Bitty Twins come with their own book too. This one talks all about how they learn to share with each other. I think it's perfect! Wouldn't you know it, Eliana and Alex could take a few tips from this book. ;)

And to help parents like myself figure out ways to help their little ones share, the book also has a page just for me to read. It's full of ideas and left me with a smile and an "I can handle that" attitude.

I never expected that the Bitty Twins would come to be a little for everyone in the family in one way or another, but I'm so happy they did. These beautiful babies will have a place in our home for years to come. And maybe, if Eliana can't pick just one to bring with her places, Alex could help her and be responsible for the other one. Wouldn't that be too cute?

BUY IT: Buy Bitty Twins for the little one on your shopping list for $95

And remember!! Felicity is retiring at the end of the year. Purchase her while you can!

**Thanks to American Girl for supplying the complimentary, mentioned item to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any other way for this review. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the products being reviewed. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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