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Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye Spy ~ Manolo Blahnik and TOUS Turn the World's Most Famous Shoe into Jewelry {press release}

I'm not sure that it can get any better than this! I know so many women who are going to be excited when they read about this union. :)  Enjoy, ladies! And men, take the hint. Mmkay? lol

Now, how do I get this charm? Hmmmm... ;)

Manolo Blahnik and TOUS Turn the World's Most Famous Shoe into Jewelry

TOUS and Manolo Blahnik announce the launch of an exclusive jewelry collaboration featuring the designer's iconic shoes

NEW YORKJan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TOUS joins forces with Manolo Blahnik to showcase the mythical "Campari" shoe, one of the Spanish designer's most emblematic models, as jewelry.  Designed in 1994, the Campari has been deemed iconic thanks to numerous films and television series.   Manolo Blahnik for TOUS will be launched this March in 300 TOUS boutiques world-wide, starting in Mexico and then Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.  Later, Manolo Blahnik boutiques and luxury stores internationally will carry Manolo's first gem for TOUS.

Manolo Blahnik met Rosa Tous at a luncheon in Madrid last summer.  He commented on her elegance and the charming teddy bear pendant she was wearing.  She said she would love for him to design a piece for TOUS.  The two put their heads together and Manolo said, "Let's do my famous mary jane shoe 'Campari,' as a charm!"  Rosa said, "I love it!  Let's do it dangling from a gold chain with a diamond button!"  And so began Manolo Blahnik for TOUS.

Manolo Blahnik comments, "I love TOUS because I feel we have many things in common.  We are family-runned businesses, we share Spanish roots and we are both keen on surprising and innovating."
Rosa Tous agrees, "I am delighted with the agreement.  Manolo Blahnik shoes are beautiful and an amazing mix between trends and classicism."

About Manolo Blahnik: For almost 40 years, Manolo Blahnik's shoe designs have been worn by women all over the world.  Blahnik began his career in 1972 on the advice of a US Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland.  The brand is known for elaborate and classic designs and prides itself on the highest level of quality and comfort.  It is currently present in over 16 countries world-wide.

About TOUS: Founded in 1920, TOUS has created an innovative jewelry concept that stands out from traditional top-of-the-range jewelry.  This family-owned company offers original gems crafted in unique materials: day-to-night jewelry, always on trend.  Today, TOUS has evolved into a lifestyle brand with its accessory, perfume and watch collections.  The Barcelona-based company is present in 45 countries with nearly 400 stores.

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. My "finds" are selected and posted by my own choosing while I receive nothing in return. (is it that hard to believe a blogger would post something without gaining anything? lol)



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