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Friday, February 11, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ Holy Exhaustion

Happy Friday! I'm not sure how y'all are doing but I'm flippin' tired today. Like really, really tired. *sigh*
I'm grateful for Aloha Friday, the meme headed up at An Island Life, because it gives me a bit of a break and allows me to do a simple question/answer post. *Hop over there for rules and the official linky.*

My question for today goes something like this...

When you're dog tired, having the longest week EVA, and the kids in the house are just as pooped as you, what do you do to get rest and keep everyone occupied/happy?

My answer:

I think today will be filled with Play-Doh play, movie time, and possibly a special craft to keep us a bit busy and the home peaceful.



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