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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photography Tips! Welcome, Shannon.

I mentioned yesterday how I met Shannon {from Family Brings Joy} at Blissdom. Yes, she was great to hang out with but I found myself with major camera envy as I saw her snapping excellent photo after excellent photo of Michelle Branch and Matt Kearney. {Our entertainment one evening.} I have a nice Canon DSLR, but I chose to not bring it to Blissdom. What was I thinking? I don't know. 

Anyway, I noticed that Shannon was one of those people who have a lovely camera and know how to use it. {I secretly snarl at people with a nice camera who have no idea what they're doing. Shannon is much nicer than I am, though. I'm sure she doesn't snarl at anyone.} I asked her to stop by and share with you {and me} some of her background and experience with photography along with any tips she has to offer. 

Here's what she has to say on the subject.


My love of photography began at an early age and was nurtured through my parents’ love of photography as well.

This photo was taken of me (2) by my Father. He had a darkroom where he developed many photos of his young family.

I think this is what my very first camera looked like:

Photo by Kenny Harrelson

What I’ve Learned
As long as it is not dark, otherwise you will have “shiny” spots on people’s faces.
  • Read your camera’s manual
You don’t have to read it cover to cover in one sitting…completely daunting task, for sure! If you don’t understand what it is saying, google it. I have found many video tutorials, blogs and resources to help you understand the photography jargon.
  • Don’t be afraid to get close. My favorite photographs are close up shots. I use my telephoto lens the most.
My oldest Daughter

What I Love
  • Photography captures a moment in time, how incredibly cool is that! It is quite miraculous, actually.
  • To display photography in my home, both mine and professionals. Photography is my favorite way to decorate my home.
In my home
  • Looking at albums of photos with my family…remembering special times with them.
  • Family Portraits…worth every penny.
  • Finding photos of ancestors who I never had the opportunity to meet. 

    Photo of my great, great Grandparents’ family

  • Tweaking digital photos with digital software or websites. My favorite effects or actions are Cross Process, Orton-ish, CinemaScope, Sepia and Soften.

What Inspires Me
  • My family and friends are my usual ‘suspects’ when shooting my camera. They are my inspiration. I want to capture their essence…the beauty of who they are.

I took this of my Best Friend’s 2 daughters at the birth of her third child. I love the emotions shown.
  • Other photographers!
  • My Creator inspires me. His love for me is abundant in all the beauty around me.
  • Attending photography workshops and classes.

Here is a photo of Amy & I at Blissdom Blog Conference. (slightly unfocused, my camera was acting up)
It is a HUGE honor to write this guest post for Amy. Thank you so much for having me 
Notes: I am not a professional photographer. Photography is a passion of mine. I have not been given any form of monetary gains for writing this post.

Thanks for the tips and info, Shannon!

Please be sure to head over and read some of Shannon's posts at Family Brings Joy. I know she'd welcome you with open arms.

*I invited Shannon to post her thoughts here. Neither one of us get any money for this. We're just sharing knowledge and photography love. Hope you enjoyed it!*



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