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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The POWER Of A Note ~ My Link Party Post

I met the sweetest gal at Blissdom named Shan {Shannon}. We had an instant connection and enjoyed some fabulous tunes together at the Jockey/Tide sponsored cocktail party.

Anywhoodles, the purpose of this post is in participation with her link party at Family Brings Joy. Her post is all about the notes that she leaves for her family and they leave for her to keep that feeling of love ever-present. Then, she invites others to share about the power of a note in their own life.

Over here, my hubster rox my sox with love notes. Daily, I wake up and find a post-it on the bathroom mirror. I can't possibly bring myself to get rid of them as they are so rich with kind words and affirmations of the heart. However, I need to create a love note box to keep them in. {Thanks for the suggestion, Shan!}

I find that these notes get my day off to an amazing start since I don't see my hubby mck-hubster in the morning before he sets off to work. To see that he's thinking of me before I even start my day is such a wonderful thing and it makes a huge difference.

*sigh* I love you too, sweetheart.

I like leaving notes for the kiddos and the hubster here and there sporadically. Alex is a big fan of them! He's still saving the note I wrote him on his first day of pre-school. Isn't that amazing? A 3 year old is inspired by my simple words and cherishes them. 

Do you have a story about how notes make a difference in your day or an idea of how you could incorporate it into your life? Go read Shannon's beautiful post {linked above on her blog name} and then link up your own post. 

Such a beautiful idea...



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