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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gnomeo And Juliet Is IN THEATERS! {review}

Last weekend was an amazing time for my Spud {Alex} and I. We were invited to an exclusive screening of Gnomeo & Juliet and decided to make it a "date". Alex was very excited for sure.

When we arrived at the theater, we saw that Radio Disney was there to kick off the movie in a big way. They had free sheets of Gnomeo & Juliet valentines outside the theater that was showing the film. Alex thought this was so neat. However, all the real fun was waiting for us when we found our seats. The staff from Radio Disney had all sorts of activities going on for the children there. There were games to play, dances to learn, and lots of smiles and laughs from everyone there. The children participating were given some free swag...just like the prize pack I was able to giveaway here.

Now, Alex didn't want to leave my side to go dance with the kids so he didn't get anything. Except, when the fun and activities were wrapped up, the staff threw t-shirts into the crowd...and I caught one. I was pretty proud of myself and Alex couldn't believe it. He was thrilled with his "cool mom".

Anyway, on to the movie.
For starters, I loved hearing the music of Sir Elton John being played and sung throughout the movie. It made me bop and made me feel like it was OK for a "big kid" like myself to enjoy the film. In fact, it made me feel like I was invited to enjoy the movie along with my 3 year old. {And the cameo of the Elton John gnome was hysterical!}

The set up of the Capulet vs. Montague rivalry was done with the beginning of the movie and I waited with anticipation to watch the gnomes come to life. But it wasn't just the gnomes who came to life. Every character in the garden came to life as well. It was thrilling and so funny at the same time. What I loved, though, was hearing the "gasp" and seeing the smile on Alex's face.

Of course, this story is based on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. It isn't quite so tragic, though. And the romance of the story is made in smiles, holding hands, and a kiss or two. There wasn't anything inappropriate {in my opinion} for a 3 year old to see.

To be honest, Alex was not at all interested in watching the characters falling in love. He began to wiggle in his seat and ask if we could go home. I encouraged him, though, and said "But Alex, we haven't seen the big fight yet". That got his attention and he sat on my lap until the story became exciting again. He loved the action of the film from the first race in the alley to the war of wars near the end. I won't tell you too much, though. I don't want to ruin anything for you.

I'll just leave you with a few clips from the film and let you know that Alex and I gave it "4 thumbs up". I highly recommend this movie for little girls and boys and their parents/guardians/caretakers alike. Make a family night of this one and enjoy it!

P.S. We saw it in 3D and LOVED the affect. Try to see it this way if you can. The characters really come to life that way.

**My son and I received free admission to the screening of Gnomeo & Juliet from Walt Disney Pictures for the purpose of review and sharing our experience with you. This review is written based on our experience exclusively. Other opinions may vary.**



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