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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentine's Day 2011

My Valentine's Day actually started yesterday. The hubster kicked off the celebration by bringing home a rose for Eliana and asking her if she would be his Valentine.

I know...

It melts your heart, right?

She loved it too. She grabbed that rose and pranced around proud as can be. :)

*excuse the quality of this photo. it was taken by my phone's camera*

 Yes, I got a rose too. :) He's a good man and he remembers to treat *both* ladies in the home with the utmost respect and pampering.

Then it was time for our date. The hubster and I dropped the kiddos off with my parents and he and I set out to a little, Italian restaurant in our old stomping grounds. We had the best meal but what was better was his company.

I loved talking with him, laughing with him. I loved holding his hand and getting lost in his eyes. We had such an amazing time together and it's great to keep falling in love with him nearly 10 years away from our first date.

This morning, Eliana woke me up early and got our day started. I was all happy groggy as I scooted into the kitchen to get her a glass of milk and kick on the Keurig. As I opened the refrigerator door, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I saw a King Size Reese's Hearts pack with a little love note on it.

Smile #1

After getting her settled, I took the opportunity to run off to the bathroom where the most beautiful card {with handwritten note} was left on the mirror for me.

Smile #2

As I continued to get the day moving, I found more treats and more notes in cupboards where breakfast items, cups, bowls, and such are kept.

Smiles #3, 4, and 5

This was such an incredible morning. I felt overwhelmed with love and wore a perma-grin all day long.

As for the kiddos, Eliana and Alex enjoyed their Valentine's Day presents as well as the little valentines the hubs left for them on the table. We read our V-Day themed books and spent time having fun together.

Later this afternoon, Alex and I worked on getting his Valentines prepped for his preschool class party tomorrow. He's very excited and will be giving his teachers a few of these.

We made them the other day using Salt Dough, some Play-Doh tools, and some of his paints. Then, I found some ribbon to put through the holes so they can be hung. Basically, this is an adorable giftable that cost us no money at all and only gave us quality time together. :)

So there you have it. That's our Valentine's Day in a nut-shell.

I hope yours was full of love!



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