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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ What's In Her Hair?

It's "kick back and relax" day with Kailani at An Island Life. She hosts a simple question/answer meme and you can hop over there for more details and the linky.

Today's question is the result of something that recently took place in my home. Eliana somehow got her hands on some Vaseline and greased down her head with it yesterday. I laughed and told her people will think she uses Dapper Dan to do her hair but then I tried to get it out. I washed it once. I washed it twice. It finally is starting to look clean but there's still a bit of residue left in her hair. ICK! {She'll just have to sport pig tails for a bit until it's all washed out}

That brings me to my question:

Have you or one of your offspring ever gunked up your/his/her hair with something? How did you get it out? 

Personally, I don't remember getting anything but snarls in my hair but I could be wrong. There could be a good, old-fashioned, "gum in hair = peanut butter" story. I'll have to ask my mom. :)

Happy Friday! I hope you had a safe St. Patty's Day yesterday.



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