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Friday, June 3, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ At The Park

Happy Friday! It's time to take it easy with another simple question/answer post hosted by Kailani of An Island Life. Be sure to visit her for the rules of the game as well as the official linky.

Here's my question:

Have you ever found something at the park {bug or creature} that you allowed your children to take home?

My answer:

I came so close to it last night. We found a caterpillar that my kiddos were instantly curious about {though Alex didn't want to touch it since it was wiggly}. I thought about bringing it home and caring for it so the kids could watch the whole process of changing into a butterfly. The only reason I didn't? I was holding it on a wood chip and it's hard to keep track of that and 2 kids running around. Maybe next time? lol



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