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Thursday, June 2, 2011

La La La! I Can't Hear You!

PhotobucketYou know how "they" say "Every pregnancy is different"? Well, "they" couldn't be any more accurate about that. With this pregnancy, I've closely followed the symptoms so I could say to myself "Oh, this is just like Eliana" or "Wow, this is just like Alex". But do you know what? That's completely backfired on me.

One day, I feel like I'm pregnant with a boy and the next I feel like I'm pregnant with a girl.

Now, if you remember my son's prediction, you'll see how this can lead to a lot of teasing. "Awww, look! They're taking turns in there." This is something the hubster finds funny. Me? Not so much.

I gave the hubster "the look" and warned him that if he doesn't have to feel what I feel, there should be no joking or teasing about it. He apologized. *giggles*

Anyway, yesterday started something brand new for me. All afternoon I was feeling very nauseous. I mean really upset. I had to force myself to eat and then just curled up on the couch or in a chair afterward. It was awful. I kept telling myself that if I got some rest, I would wake up feeling better.

Well, I was partially right.

I felt much better this morning and then had breakfast. Bad idea.

Now my stomach is turning and I'm struggling to get food for my kiddos without feeling another wave of nausea roll in. I can't look at food, think about food, or smell food. I'm even afraid to check my Google Reader because I know someone, somewhere, is blogging about what they ate. *Cringe*

For today, I'm taking it easy and drinking lots of water. When does that second trimester start again?

Hmph & hmph. ;)



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