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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life: It's Not About The Jones'

Life just isn't about the Jones' or keeping up with them...whoever they are. Heck, it's not even about referring to the Jones' for their opinion. It's not about what they would wear, what they would buy their kids, what color they would paint their walls, what big toys they would own, or the "ideal" size home for a family.

Life is so much more than a comparison chart.

You know, as a mom, I quickly fell into the trap of "what would the Jones' do?". I wanted my son to have and be everything possible. There was no limit to the possibilities. The trouble is, I just couldn't make up my mind on what we should buy next. So, I referred to others. What are other people buying their kids? What sort of clothes should he wear? What kind of toddler bed should I buy him?

Oh, it was just sick.

I was totally lost. I wanted to be "in" some sort of group. I wanted to fit into this perfect mommy mold. I wanted the right diaper bag and the proper fillings for it. For some reason, I bought into a lie that the things in my life equate how much I love my family.

This carried on for a while.


I'll be honest.

This carried into Eliana's life too.

For years, I bought into the big lie.

Guess what I am figuring out as I'm pregnant with this 3rd miracle. I'm figuring out that I, ME, MYSELF, am enough for this family. I don't need a perfect diaper bag. A bag that holds my kids things will work just fine. And as I'm planning to change things up in their room a bit? I can put MY touches on things. I can incorporate the things that I love and that will create a loving space for my children.

This is pouring into other areas of my home too. My hubster and I are going to be painting and switching things up a bit in here in August. This is not my time to "copy and paste" what I've seen others do just because that's what they did. This is my time to be me and to SHINE as me. This is the time I get to create my family's story in my home. And when we're done, and someone comes to visit, they'll see a reflection of "US" when they look around. They won't see the Jones' anywhere near here.

I'm not trying to say that it's wrong to draw inspiration from other people. Instead, I was buying exact things just because other people did. I would try to be "unique" with it but the purchase was thoughtless and just another mark toward reaching some impossible goal.

Can I let you know what opened my eyes to this? {This may really sound wonky.} Pinterest.

No kidding.

I started browsing the web and "pinning" things that I saw and loved. It was a blast. Then, one day, I looked at my own boards and said to myself  "Holy cow, Amy! You have your very own taste in things!"

I love it.

Finding things that are "ME" and pinning them on my boards gives me more and more inspiration as I go. Really, I've learned that DIY projects suit me quite well. I can be inspired by someone's project but mine would never turn out just like theirs and I would never want it to.


Let me never fall into that pit again. Let me continue to find who I am and love it. And for Pete's sake, let me be happy for others without wanting what they have. I'll never fit into another's life. My mirror will always, only reflect me.

And that.IS.a beautiful thing.



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