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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Off To Camp!!

Well, this is it! This is the big week that I've been looking forward to since last year. :)

This week I'm off to Champions for Life Kids' Camp and will be taking photos of the kids doing their activities all week long. At the end of the week, they'll have their photos, a photo album, and scrapbook paper so they can make a memory book and get autographs from their friends. I'm so excited and leaning on God entirely to get me through.

While I'm gone, I'm going to miss the hubster and my kiddos so much but I know they're in great hands and will have a lot of fun.

I pray you have a blessed week. I'll be back at the end of the week but I'll try and fill you in on how it went as soon as I can.

Until then, can I please ask you to pray for me? I'm kind of nervous about being pregnant and hot while I'm there. My mom will be with me so I'll be well taken care of. But you know...there's always something to be nervous about. lol

Take Care!

**I couldn't link the images properly but you can visit for more information about the camp.



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