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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smarties Win Smarties! {Review and Giveaway} #IamASmartie

While being a Smarties Ambassador for the month of August, I've had the distinct privilege of sampling some different varieties of candy with my family. It truly has been fun for all of us since we love candy around here. :)

The day our box of candy arrived, I tweeted:

 and my 4 year old is singing "the big rock candy mountain". :) 

It was such an adorable reaction, if you ask me. And yes, I did feel like we were sent a piece of the "Big Rock Candy Mountain". Mmmmmmm. What would you say to receiving a shipment like this?

 Of course, we received the classic Smarties candies. These are something I have such a weakness for. It's something I crave and I don't have to worry so much about the calories when I indulge this particular craving. If you ever need a little "sweet fix", this is your answer. {Psst. There are only 25 calories in a roll with zero fat!}

The Theatre Box Smarties haven't been cracked into yet. I'm thinking we'll have to share these the next time we have a family movie night. Nothing goes better with a movie than a little something sweet, if you ask me. 

Hello, Mega Smarties!! These rolls are humongous and just as tasty as they look. While I'm a candy lover, I can't polish off a roll of these in one sitting.  No worries, though. I keep a roll on the kitchen counter and visit for a tablet or two throughout my day. They taste just as good as the original, they're just MUCH bigger.  

Smarties In A Pouch are the perfect answer to a request from my kiddos for some candy. In fact, Eliana {who is 22 months old} gets one of these pouches if her 4 year old brother gets a roll. I'll even give her just one of the three tablets in the pouch after she uses her potty seat and she is in 7th heaven with it. {She never wants to pop it in her mouth and chew it. Instead, she'd rather hold it in her hand and take tiny nibbles.}

Smarties Candy Money tastes exactly like the original candy tablets. The big difference here is that these tablets are larger and have money values stamped onto the face of them. These offer a fun way to encourage number recognition with your little one while satisfying a sweet tooth. Alex and I will often talk about how much money he has and which coins are worth the most, etc. 

Seeing Smarties Double Lollies mixed in with our review candy brought back a ton of memories for me from my childhood. I remember buying, eating, and loving these lolly pops. Now, I get to share them with my family and Alex may be one of their biggest fans.

Are you familiar with Tropical Smarties? I wasn't at all familiar with them until they arrived here. After trying a roll, I'm happy to report that I'm still a big fan of Smarties. The tropical flavors are different from the original flavors but they are really, really delicious. If you're at all a fan of tropical flavored candy, this is the way to go.

X-Treme Sour Smarties are the final flavor I received for review. I didn't know how I would feel about these as I'm not a huge fan of sour candies. The sour flavor is definitely there but the candy is still "Oh my Gosh" good. I love these and I'm considering sharing them with the rest of my family. ;)

Finally, if you remember my recent interview post, I have some fun information to add. The VP of Sales and Marketing answered some of the questions aside from my interview and I have some of his answers for you to read and enjoy.

1.  Who decided to make them in rolls instead of loose?
That decision was made by our founder, Edward Dee.  By putting them into twist-wrapped rolls, it was easier to package in different bags, boxes and jars, without leaving any powdery residue from the ingredients. 
2.  Do you have any new flavors/packs coming out?
Yes, we do!  Stay tuned, and keep checking our website and social media networks.  Unfortunately, we cannot release that information at this time.  Announcements will be made online as soon as new offerings are released.
3. What are his future plans for the company?  What does the next “plateau” look like?
While we share a distribution on a national level in most candy outlets, I am seeking new avenues for candy distribution.  Some examples would be hardware stores, shoe stores, stadiums, restaurants, etc.  With the help of the third generation, I hope to find some candy brands with nostalgic value that become available to purchase.  This would be a great Smarties link to offer our customers.  With the knowledge that the younger generation has for computers and social media, I am sure they will come up with many new ways to take the core business and expand into areas that we haven't even begun to imagine.
4. What is your favorite recipe to use Smarties in?
Crunched-up Smarties over ice cream is delicious.
5. Did you ever consider or try making a sugar free version of Smarties?  Have you considered using stevia?
It was many years ago that we manufactured a sugar-free variation of Smarties.  Unfortunately, the ingredients, as would be with Stevia, are far too expensive to produce our candy and remain in the non-chocolate arena in stores.  As a matter of fact, the cost to produce such dextrose substitutes is higher than the big, three chocolate manufacturers charge.  Our customers--retailers and wholesaler--will not pay that kind of money for Smarties.
6.  Does Smarties donate to charity?
Yes.  We recently had to limit charitable donations ever since one very nice person thanked me (online), personally, for helping with their charitable function.  Because of the posting, I receive an abundance of requests, daily.  I like to help as much as I can but, like many companies, donations are budgeted.  I have limited our donations to our local area and try to affiliate with schools by helping teachers with reward programs, positive reinforcement, mathematics, and fundraisers.


The Giveaway!!{NOW CLOSED}

One lucky winner will receive their own assortment of Smarties Candy!!! {My candy addiction will now be shared with one of you.}

To enter:

Please visit the Smarties website and tell me one, specific thing you learned, enjoyed, or would like to try. {please include your email address for your entry to count}

For additional entries:

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Please leave a separate comment for each entry. This giveaway will run until September 13th at 11:59pm ET. The winner will be selected by using and will be contacted and announced on or around September 14th. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours of initial contact, I will randomly select another winner. Void where prohibited. No 
purchase necessary. Open to US.

**That's right. #IamASmartie!! This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.



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