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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mod Podge Letters How-To

The other day, I shared with you about my In Home Art Gallery DIY project and I promised to share more about the Mod Podge letters I made. 

Here's the How-To!

First, I found everything I used at Walmart. You can use any paper or embellishments you choose, naturally. 

These are stick-on embellishments I found in the scrapbook aisle. I liked the silver-gray ones and had an idea for them. In that same aisle, I grabbed this pad of scrapbook paper. I loved the colors.

I also grabbed these wood letters in the craft aisle. 

 For my "Mod Podge", I made my own mixture. Just use one part hot water, one part glue {I like Elmer's} and mix together. 

I started out by positioning my first letter on my selected scrapbook paper. I wanted the design of the paper to land a specific way on the letter itself. Then, I traced out the sides of the letter on a different style paper and clearly marked it so I knew which piece went where on the letter. {The wood letters were not perfectly cut out and had variances from side to side.}

Then, I painted my Mod Podge on and stuck on the cut out pieces of paper. *Note* I let the top of the letter dry before adding on the side pieces. I did this for each letter and then placed on my embellishments.


Finally, I used my cute hammer, small nails, and a level to get them up on the wall just so. And liked the staggered look of the letters over the look of the letters being straight across.

And there you have it. Easy Peasy!

*This post is not a compensated post or a review post. I simply linked to Elmer's as it's a brand I use and recommend from my own use even though I have no relationship with them whatsoever. Take it or leave it. :)



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