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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide ~ Defiants 4x4 Trucks and Play Set

Oh, how Alex loves monster trucks. He thinks they're just incredible because they can drive over and through anything and do cool stunts at the same time. He's started a small collection of monster truck toys as well and these are things that he likes to run over his other toy cars or ramps that he and the hubster have made together.

Until now, Alex has had to push his trucks along to make them go. It's certainly not a "big deal" but he would prefer they drive themselves. Since we feel he's not quite old enough for a remote control truck, I think we've found the next best thing for him.

Defiants 4x4s trucks are battery powered trucks that drive in two gears {high and low}. Alex can choose how fast he wants his truck to go each time he turns it on. For races, he chooses the high setting and that little truck just speeds down the hallway. For climbing and doing ramps and such, he has learned to stick with the low setting as it gives the truck a little more control.

Defiants 4x4 trucks come in several different styles to make collecting them all as fun as playing with them all together. Speaking of playing with them together, there are different sets available for purchase that can create a small track, ramps, or even the monstrous Maximum Mayhem play set with one side for racing and the other for jumping.

Does that set not look amazing? This is right up Alex's alley and I'm sure he'll have nothing but fun with it after he opens it Christmas morning. He's also getting a few more trucks to play with. He requested that he have one or two more so he can share with his dad. {Awwww}. 

Hop over to the Defiants 4x4s website today to learn about all their products, watch videos of their toys in action, and more! Alex asks to see the website all the time. He just loves the videos.

BUY IT! You can purchase Defiants 4x4s trucks for around $7.99 a piece and the Maximum Mayhem play set for $44.99 . See the website for stores/websites!

**Thanks to the company or pr agency, who supplied the items to facilitate this review and giveaway. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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