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Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Open House and My Minnie Melt-Down

Alex will be 5 years old in 2 months and that means the quest for the "perfect" Kindergarten has begun. Mercifully, the hubster and I have narrowed down our options to 3 schools that we will be deciding from, each with their own list of pros and cons. {I'm happy to only have to choose from the 3, though.}

If you've ever gone school hunting before, you'll know that February generally marks the month of "Open House" mayhem wherein every mother and her {significant} other fill the schools in search of the perfect fit for their family. It's overwhelming as a first timer and a teensy bit stressful...

...just a little stressful....

...and anxiety fueling... get the picture.

We've already attended one open house that was more like a "family reunion" of sorts for me than it was a tour of a school. I knew so many people on the faculty and even saw people there who I went to school with {way back when} who were also looking for a school home. That night left me smiling and feeling really good about Alex going to Kindergarten in the fall.

{Does he HAVE to go? *pout*}

The second of our three open house evenings was last night. This one already had me a little uneasy because it was a public school visit and I was raised in a private school...2 extremely different worlds, let me tell ya. In fact, some of you may have even seen my facebook post about this last night. Here's what I said:
I.Am.Irked. For Pete's sake...can someone tell me why a school would have an "open house" and ONLY have someone there to help with paperwork and NO ONE there to take you around the school or at least to the classroom and extra curricular rooms like the gym, art class, and whatnot? *Sigh* I think I've decided "No, thanks" and "I'll pass". {insert eye roll here}
Yep. It's true. The school advertised the evening as an Open House on their website...and in the paperwork they sent us home with...but they looked at us like we were crazy people when we asked if anyone could show us around the school. In fact, the woman we were talking to said the actual "open house" happens on Alex's first day of school. Huh? I was pretty put off by that and I felt like someone just slammed a door in my face. I was truly offended.

{Here's where the melt-down comes in}

The hubster and I got to talking about it and he thought that my irritation was due to my tendency to want control in these kind of situations. Well, that accusation got me even more upset and I began to cry. "I don't want control. I just want to know that I'm giving my son to the right person."

Have any of you stay-at-home moms been where I am now? I'm having such a hard time with the fact that he'll be spending most of his day in someone else's care and I have a real need to be comfortable with who that is and what they stand for. How do I give up that time I'm used to having with him? I guess this is why some moms cry on their child's first day of school, huh?

Our third and final Open House is tonight...wish us luck!



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