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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Could Stand To Be A Bit More Like My Mom

Sometimes I wish I could freeze go back in I could fix a few things. I wish I would have appreciated things or paid closer attention.

But I'm here this this time. I'm grateful that I never stop learning or appreciating things so I can continue to grow as a person.

Anyway, here's the scenario that brings me to this post. I dropped in on my parents with Alex the other day {I LOVE that I can do that} and my mom was showing me a gift someone gave her. This person just wanted to be a blessing to her and thought this little statue was just right.

I took one look at that thing and made a face. I could feel the face I made too. It was ugly. And my mom was smiling and sincerely happy.

Why did I cringe? Well, I simply didn't understand why this was the item given to my mom. It didn't suit her at all. No, it wasn't offensive. It just isn't anything I would EVER even consider buying for her. Since I know her, I know she wouldn't like it since she doesn't necessarily agree with what it stands for.

She explained that she appreciated the thought and wanted to keep her gift on display for that reason.

Truthfully, I wouldn't have displayed something like that. I would have tried my best to receive it gracefully, cringed the way I did when I was finally alone, and then put the gift in a closet on a shelf somewhere. My mom, on the other hand, saw it fit to give the gift a place in her home...and then show it off.

What grace. What beauty. What pure love.

Yes, I could stand to be a little more like my Mom.

Do you have an influence in your life who challenges you to be a better person?



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