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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monster Jam Is Returning To Detroit!

Did you catch Monster Jam when it was in town this past January? Well, they're hopping and stomping back into town this weekend.

No worries. I have the low-down on how you can save money on your tickets! {Of course I do.}

Check it out!
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Now that you have the information, you may want to brush up on your Monster Jam lingo. Here are some phrases for you to learn.


Auger In – Crash nose first. Also known as a “nose plant”
Bite - Traction. Tires gripping the surface
Blower - System that forces a combination of air and fuel into the engine to produce more horsepower. Also known as a supercharger
Burn Out – Spinning the truck’s tires to clear the mud off and gain traction
Case It – Hit the lowest part of the truck’s frame on the peak of the obstacle
Chip - Electronic chip that controls the RPM of the engine
Coil Over Shocks - Type of shock consisting of large coil springs wrapped around the outside of the shock
Cut Tires - Shaving the thread off the tires for more traction and less weight. This process -- done by hand -- takes approximately 50 hours per tire 
Cyclone – A high-speed donut
Donut – When a truck spins in circles in one spot
Drive Shaft Loops - Required safety loops surrounding the drive shaft to contain parts in case of breakage
Drop the Hammer – Hitting the throttle hard
Dry Hop – Doing a burnout to clear the starting line of loose debris
Endo - When a vehicle crashes and rolls end-over-end.
E.T.  – The amount of elapsed time it takes a vehicle to run the course of the track
Eyeball the Track – To informally inspect the track
Five-Point Harness - Mandatory standard driver lap belt with a strap over each shoulder to the center mounting point with straps that also connects between the legs
Four Link - A type of racing suspension used on a monster truck. The four main bars that link the front and rear axles to the frame. It can be adjusted to control how much traction the truck can get
Freestyle - One of two categories of competition in the Monster Jam Series. Drivers are given a limited amount of time to individually perform on the track. Fans, selected by the USHRA, often judge the performances
Fuel Cell - A special safety fuel tank that is puncture resistant
Fuel Delivery - The right mixture of fuel and air properly delivered to the engine for maximum horsepower
Gag It – Stand the throttle wide open. Also known as “drop the hammer”
Grab a Footful – Jumping on the accelerator. See “gag it” or “drop the hammer”
Hammer – The throttle
Headers - Pipes, connected to the engine that are designed for free-exhaust flow.
Heim Joint - Adjustable ends on the different components of the chassis
Hole Shot – First vehicle off the start line
Hook Up – To get enough traction for fast acceleration
Hooking Clay – A type of track dirt that makes it easy for the tires to hook up
Hot Shoe – A top driver
Lose Fire - Stall the engine
Mash the Throttle – Step hard on the accelerator
Methanol - A wood and alcohol-based fuel mixture used in monster trucks
Nitrogen-Charged Shocks - Type of shock absorber that is filled with nitrogen
Pass – A complete run across the cars
Pogo – When the truck bounces on the rear tires while standing straight up in a wheelie
Power Out - When a driver uses a burst of acceleration to keep the truck from rolling over 
Pull the Pin - The first thing that an official must do when a truck rolls over. The pin is located in the rear bumper and shuts off all power to the truck
Quick Change Transfer Case - A box to which drive shafts are connected, allowing drivers to change gears depending on the length of the track
Read the Track – Determine track conditions
Red Light – When a monster truck leaves the starting line early before the green starting light
Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII) - A remote transmitter used to shut off all power to a monster truck. Used by officials in case of an emergency
Revs – Engine revolutions per minute
Riding the Wave – Coming down hard and bouncing up on the front tires while traveling some distance
Roll Cage - The steel safety structure that surrounds the driver
Roll Over – When a truck rolls over completely
Side-by Side – Two trucks race next to each other
Sky Wheelie – When a monster truck stands straight up with the front tires in the air at a 90-degree angle
Slap Wheelie – When the front of a monster truck comes down from a wheelie and slaps itself back into another wheelie
Staged – When a truck is waiting at the starting line to race
T-bone – To crash head-on into the side of an obstacle
Teeter – When the front tires are lifted in the air while the rear tires are on the ground, rocking from side to side
Tranny – Transmission. Transfers power from the engine to the drive train
Walk It - A wheelie that steps down from side to side during the run
Wheelie – Lifting the front wheels of the monster truck off the ground and driving only on the rear wheels
Wheel Travel – The amount that the suspension drops when the truck is in the air

Woo Hoo!!
I wonder which truck Alex will be cheering on this time.

**The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Others may have a different experience and may not agree with my opinion. Thanks to the Feld Entertainment, who sent the information to post. I received tickets to the show at no cost to me in exchange for sharing this information.**



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