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Thursday, March 1, 2012

On A House Hunt

The hubster and I have made a few BIG decisions lately. I guess I'm just going to have to space out the details on these so I don't have one very long post to torture you with.

You're welcome. :)

One of our decisions is to look for a bigger home. We need at least one more bedroom {we live in a 2 bedroom home right now}, a nice sized yard for our littles to play in, and a basement {preferably finished or partially finished}. We came to this decision in a chat about our children's future and what we wanted for them.

My oldest boy is almost 5 years old. Can you believe that? We feel that it's super important for him to have his own space in our home rather than a shared room with girls. Also, the girls are going to need "girl space" as they get older.

We have another use of a bigger home but I'll get into that bit another day.

{I'm NOT pregnant so don't even go there. lol}

What's happening as we hunt for homes, though, is somewhat amusing to me. I find a house and swoon over it while the hubster has to get all "practical" about it. Picking on a home for having too much land or being too old is what he tends to do.

I guess I need that.

My little creative mind just flies away with some of these homes. Words like "charm" and "character" are not what moves my hubster, though. No sir. He wants to make sure the house isn't going to have structural issues while wondering how much land we can properly care for. Silly me. I just don't think like that.

Is this why most agents say "The wife buys the home"? I like to look at it from the angle of how I might decorate it and if the house style fits my overall style. I look at flooring and wall colors, light fixtures and window treatments, to measure the cosmetic work that needs to be done.

Anyway. Wish us luck on our hunt. We agree on the areas that we would be comfortable with relocating to but our clashing minds are searching for the perfect compromise in house style.

{You can all guess that I would be leaning toward a "farm house" or "early 1900's" home, right? It's the perfect dream. *sigh*}



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