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Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Reading Ideas from American Girl

Summer is always a time of fun for the kiddos. They don't have to go to bed early for school the following day. There are vacations, pool parties, and fun activities galore. {I remember my childhood summers with fondness.}

While all the fun times are great, there is a lot of down time too. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with plans. Sometimes those nasty summer colds hit. Sometimes the days are just lazy. These are the perfect moments to bring in some fun with reading and keep those little minds sharp.

American Girl has some new books that would work perfectly for your little lady. Among these are titles like
A Smart Girl's Guide to Liking Herself-Even on the Bad Days, The Cameo Necklace: A Cecile Mystery, and The New Girl. Also, you should consider a subscription to American Girl Magazine as a great source of stories, ideas, and inspiration for girls all year long.

Here's a brief synopsis on each title. {Taken from the press release}

"As Cecile exits a crowded showboat after enjoying a lavish Floating Circus, she stumbles-and when she gets up, she realizes that the cameo necklace she borrowed from her aunt is no longer on her neck. Knowing that the necklace was the last gift Tante Tay's husband gave her before he died, Cecile is desperate to find it. As she tracks down the people in the crowd who were near her when she fell, her search takes her into many corners of New Orleans, from a society tea party to the crowded French Market, even the dangerous cypress swamps...and deep in to secrets she never imagined! An illustrated "Looking Back" nonfiction essay provides facts about the 1850's."
"Each Reader can imagine herself as the main character of this interactive story set in the world of Innerstar University. She thinks Zoe', the new girl, is brave for coming all the way from her home in France. She wants to get to know Zoe', but she also feels a bit jealous about all the attention the new arrival is getting. When a couple of girls start to tease Zoe', she feels torn-can she find the courage to speak up for what she knows is right? With more than 20 different endings, girls will enjoy reading this story again and again to see how their decisions change the story. Plus, this book comes with a secret access code to unlock additional endings online."
"Written by licensed child psychologist Dr. Laurie Zelinger, the interactive guide offers girls ages 10 and up smart advice about self-esteem-what it is, where it comes from, and how it can change with each new experience. Girls will learn the difference between high and low self-esteem, how their moods can affect how they feel about themselves, the role family and friends play in shaping self-esteem, and tips for boosting their confidence and being their best every day."
"Created as an age-appropriate alternative to teen magazines, American Girl is the largest bi-monthly publication dedicated exclusively to girls ages 8 and up. The magazine has won numerous awards for its content and design, including 15 from Parents' Choice Foundation."

I remember reading my books about Kirsten when I was a little girl and looking forward to reading other books as they came out. I also remember when the American Girl magazine was first introduced. What sets this brand apart is their ability to communicate to girls right at their level and encourage strong self-esteem, individuality, creativity, friendship, and other values like these.

The mentioned titles are just a few of the new books available. Be sure to visit American Girl online and check your local book store for even more reading choices!

I look forward to sharing books just like these with my daughter as she grows with American Girl.

**I received the mentioned books for this review from American Girl. Beyond the review items, I received no compensation for this post. This is my opinion and other opinions/experiences may vary.



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