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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Her Essence Is "Joy"

I just had the most fun experience with my little Mikayla and I, like a good blogger, wanted to come here and share it right away.

Before I get to the sharing, though, I want to just chat about little "Mik" for a moment.

This girl...

She is her mother's daughter.

She looks like me and I'm beginning to see sparks of my personality in her lately too.

In a conversation the other night, the hubster was talking about the difference between Mikayla and Eliana. Our Eliana is a sweet, sweet girl. She's very loving, loves to take care of everyone around her, and has this contented spirit about her. That's not to say her big brother can't ruffle her feathers and get her mad from time to time. That's just to say, she's overall a very pleasant little girl. {And she's a girly girl too!}

Mikayla? We describe her as being "pure joy". She just oozes this essence of joy and it is very contagious. When she smiles, look out. If you were trying to stay in a bad mood, you just can't after Mikayla smiles.

What is so wonderful about the hubster and I landing on the word "joy" when talking about Mikayla is a memory of mine from my childhood. I had some pretty cool Aunts, Uncles, and cousins growing up but one of my favorite homes to visit was that of my Dad's sister Carol and her family. This family knew how to have fun and knew how to laugh...oh, how we would laugh when we got together.

I remember this one time we arrived at their home. I went up to say "Hi" to my Uncle Eddie and he smiled and said "Hi, Joy". I laughed and corrected him to which he responded that I was the one who needed to be corrected. When he saw me, he saw joy.

Now, I was very young when he said that and as you can see, I carried that with me throughout my life...even through those really ugly times. When my Uncle saw me, he saw joy. I hope people still see joy when they look at me but I'm just tickled to see it in my Mikayla.

Speaking of "Joy", I was supposed to share some with you. {My apologies for it being so shaky. I was laughing so hard. LOL}




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