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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Caroline Abbott: American Girl's Newest Historical Doll

This September, the newest American Girl doll from the historic line will be released for sale. Her name is Caroline Abbott and she represents a brave girl who experienced America during the war of 1812. And although she comes in a pretty, pink dress, she's full of adventure.

Jean McKenzie, the executive vice president of American Girl, said, "Our newest historical character, Caroline, is a brave, independent girl who teaches girls today that they can navigate life's challenges by staying strong, making good decisions, and taking action. We know our fans will be inspired by the stories of Caroline, who shows girls that they can set their own course to help make changes for greater good."
I enjoy the story of her father being a shipbuilder and giving her a love for sailing. These times spent with her father make her want to be the captain of her own ship someday. And her experience sailing ends up coming in handy...but I won't ruin the story for you.

Perhaps one of the best parts of getting a new, American Girl doll is opening the box. It's fun to see all of the details up close and it's even more fun to see my daughter's reaction to the doll. When we opened Caroline's box, Eliana couldn't get the doll out fast enough. "I want to HUG her, mommy! She's pink! She's beautiful!".

After a quick hug, Eliana allowed me a bit more time with Caroline so I could show you what she looks like.

Her blond, curly hair is just darling and I think it goes well with her light blue eyes. As a curly top myself, I've always been partial to curls and these are very pretty. My recommendation would be to go over some hair-care techniques with your little one so that the curls don't get ruined. There's a lot of information available on the American Girl website and even items you can purchase to help. 
Back to Caroline...

Her dress flaunts all the beautiful details of her time. From pin-tucks, to gathers, to ribbons, and ruffles; this dress doesn't miss a bit of the fashion in 1812. This dress is also very well made so it's ready for a little girl's play.

Also, when Caroline is released, you'll be able to find a learning guide on the American Girl website. This is just perfect for parents and/or teachers who want to dive a little deeper into the time period and teach even more about what life was like then. If you visit the link, you'll also find learning guides for many American Girl dolls {past and present}. These guides are free to download and will help you talk through the many different books and events/themes.

Finally, I just had to share with you my favorite set for Caroline {that I've seen so far}. This is her parlor. Isn't it gorgeous? Again, I'm totally head over heels for the detail that goes into these historical dolls.

PS Don't miss the giveaway for this doll on American Girl's Facebook page!

**Thanks to the company or pr agency, who supplied the item to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.** 



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