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Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Smart Snugs Cloth Diapers Review

We were recently sent three cloth diapers to try out from Smart Snugs. All three of them are one-size diapers; The orange diaper is their Original pocket diaper, the white and blue is the MultiColor pocket diaper, and the blue and red is the Bamboo Charcoal. I was also sent a pack of Bio-Liners to try.

 Each diaper came with a terry cloth insert and a bamboo insert. I found the bamboo inserts to be much more absorbent but the terry cloth ones work well too. Every child is going to be different but I find that I need to use the bamboo inserts for Mikayla's naps/night time.

I am crazy about the Biodegradable Flushable Diaper Liners we were sent as well. No, not for me. Truth be told, I have no issues with taking care of whatever goes on in a cloth diaper. I just do it and move on. However, this answers the question my hubster had about how to handle soiled diapers. You see, I'm not sure he's all that comfortable with using cloth diapers yet and he seemed to want to make sure he didn't have to deal with a dirty diaper. With these liners, all he'll ever have to deal with {beyond wiping a bottom} is wet diapers. The liner comes out easily and can be flushed down the toilet.

*Note: I did not find the liners to be scratchy at all and Mikayla doesn't seem to mind my using them. 
Buy a pack of 100 for only $7.99!

At Smart Snugs, they put together a video demonstration that I've included here so you can see how they work. 

The first diaper I'll tell you about is the Bamboo Charcoal. This is actually my favorite of the three styles I was sent strictly based on the fact that it's lined with the most natural fibers. I have three kiddos who all have inherited my fair and sensitive skin so this is most important to me. I prefer natural fibers to ensure there won't be any skin irritation. 
Now, I did run into an issue with a snap on the front of the diaper. I have to snap them at the second rise level for Mikayla and one of the snaps broke on just the second time using the diaper. If you were to purchase this diaper, you don't have to worry. I looked up the brand's return policy and they'll guarantee their diapers for one year {with some exceptions}. I'm sure a return would have been no problem had I purchased the diaper.

  • Lined with natural fibers for sensitive skin
  • Dark color = no worries of staining
  • Two snaps at the hips help keep everything inside of the diaper.
  • Buy it for only $18!

The orange diaper is the Original Stay-Dry pocket diaper. I love the bright, gender neutral color of this diaper. In fact, all three diapers sent to me are great choices for those who want to stick to the gender neutral styles of diapers {great idea if you think there may be another baby in the home at some point}.

This diaper is lined is a soft, fleece fabric and the snaps on the front make is so easy to adjust the diaper to Mikayla's size. Also, the pocket on the back of the diaper make it easy to stuff and remove any inserts.

  • Two snaps at the hips help keep everything inside the diaper
  • Pocket at the back waist makes for an easy stuff or removal of an insert
  • Fleece lining is soft and moisture wicking, offering the most comfort for a baby
  • Buy it for only $13!

The final style is the MultiColor Pocket Diaper. These only have one set of snaps on the hips but, to date, I haven't noticed any big differences in how well the diaper keeps moisture in. The MultiColor diapers are so cute and come in either Pink & Blue, Yellow & Red, or Red, White, & Blue.  

  • Fun styles of mixed color
  • Soft fleece wicks away moisture from baby
  • Adjustable snaps get the right fit every time.
  • Buy it for only $13!

I use these diapers daily {have been for a few weeks now} and am pretty happy with them. I have had a few issues of leaks with the diapers but I've also discovered that Mikayla can be a bit of a soaker so I've begun doubling up on inserts when she sleeps while sticking as close as possible to our routine so there are no long gaps between changing during the day.

**Thanks to Smart Snugs who supplied the items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way for this post. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the items mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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