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Friday, October 19, 2012

Calm Down Jar DIY

As I began homeschooling this year, it became very apparent to me that bad moods were going to happen and I needed to find an appropriate way to deal with them. My son is a perfectionist and he tends to want to quit right away if he doesn't get something right the first time. AND there are times when I need a break too. {These times generally run parallel to my son's outbursts}

I saw this amazing thing on Pinterest called a "Calm Down Jar" and read that it was to be used as a break; simply shake the jar, watch the glitter fall to the bottom, and relax. I knew I had to make one to try for our school days.

*NOTE: I've seen many different methods of making this but I'll share with you what I used to make mine. 

You'll need:
  • A Mason Jar {washed out}
  • Elmer's Glitter Glue in the color of your choice
  • Loose Glitter
  • And something to stir it all up with. I used wooden skewers. 

I started by filling my mason jar with water and putting it into the microwave to warm up. It was in there for just about 2 minutes, just enough time to get hot. 

Then, I grabbed my loose glitter and shook in all that I wanted. I put a little more in when I thought I had "enough" just to make sure it was nice and glittery. 

Finally, I grabbed my glitter glue and squeezed in about 1/3 of the glue into the jar. You can see my before and after pictures above to get an idea of how much I used. Then I grabbed my skewers to begin stirring it into the water

After it was all mixed up, I ended up using a bit more of the pink, fine glitter I had to make the color a little prettier than the sparkling brown I had going. 

I put the top on the jar {didn't bother to seal it} and shook it up like crazy. The glue, during the stirring process, made me worrisome that the jar wasn't going to turn out. I think it was more the warm temperature of the water than it was the glue. Either way, I was worried. I'm happy to report, however, that the jar works just wonderfully. When we shake it up, we can see the glitter swirl around and then settle.

As for how well it works with my kiddos? It works beautifully!! When my son begins to get upset, I can take down the Calm Jar, shake it up, and place it in front of him while asking him to just take a break for a minute. He and I watch the jar together for a minute and he calms right down, ready to get back to work.

 Sometimes, just taking our minds off the thing that's irritating us that moment, is enough to help regroup and keep going.

PS This also helps during the day when the kiddos lose their cool with each other.



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