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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Personal Creations And My Shopping Experience {review}

We just bought a new home and I am so looking forward to decorating it for Christmas. Of course, I'm the the type who likes to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and keep everything up until New Year's Day so I need winter themed items as well.

I was recently sent to Personal Creations with a gift card to use toward whatever I saw fit. Immediately, I saw this sled and knew that I HAD to buy it for the front porch. This is the Welcome Snowman Sled Wall Hanging and it sells for $39.99.

 My home is OLD so it has 2 doors on the front porch. One door leads to the front parlor {and is never used, waiting to be caulked shut} and the other door is just beside that clay pot you see in the first picture. Anyway, I thought it would be cute to place the sled on that unused door to dress up the space a bit.

I love the look of the sled. It's made of wood and is painted but the personalized text is done in vinyl letters. There is also wire hanging from the top of the sled in case I'd prefer to hang it on the wall. Seeing my family name on it, though, got me all excited. It makes the space officially ours. :)

I had some money left over so I bought my son a Webkinz Turkey. The ribbon on the turkey's neck is personalized to say "Gobble, Gobble" on one side and "Alex 2012" on the other. I didn't get personal images of the turkey but here's the stock image for reference.  This sells for $7.99 on the website.

He promptly named his turkey "Z-Turkey" and plays on my computer with him when he's earned time to do so. He really loves it...and I may have opened a can of worms with this purchase. LOL

My total for both items and shipping was under $65 and I'm confident that both items will last for quite some time in our home. I think I spent my money wisely! How about you? Are there other things on the Personal Creations website you'd prefer over what I chose?

**Thanks to the PR firm who supplied the gift code to purchase the reviewed items in exchange for an honest review. In this post I share my opinion and experience. Others may not have the same experience or may have a different opinion.



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