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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Paper Heart Garland And A Glass Panel Door Frame Is Now...{#DIY}

I happened to be out in my barn/garage while I was showing a friend a few furniture pieces I thought they may be able to use. As I looked around, my eyes spied something very neat and the wheels in my mind began turning, wondering if I could use it in my home. 

I had a few different ideas but I settled on using it as a picture frame to hang over my buffet in my dining room. Why? My front, back, and dining room doors are all glass paneled and I thought it was a nice "nod" to them as well as the giant window/picture frame I have hanging in my living room. This frame I found was from a glass panel door but only this frame remained of it. {My loving hubster painted it for me in our chilly basement.}

The hooks and ribbon you see are part of the original design in this home. The house was built in 1892 and the walls {save for the ones that have been redone} are all plaster. In an effort to not crack the plaster, builders put up picture rail molding, giving the home owner a way to hang art/photos without damaging the walls. {I bought the hooks and ribbon on Amazon.} I just used 2 screw eye hooks on either end of the frame and tied the ribbon to them. {I was really worried that it would take too much ribbon to use only two eye hooks.}

As for the paper heart garland, this is a very simple DIY project that requires just a few things:
  • Paper
  • Paper cutter
  • Tape
  • Needle & Thread

 I cut six pieces of paper per heart. They were each 1/2 wide. Two pieces were 6.5" long, two were 8.5" long, and the final two were 10.5" long.

Then, I began to put the heart together, folding the first and shortest pieces end to end, like tear drops, and then holding the two tears together {pictured below}.

Once the first heart is made, add the second longest pieces of paper to either side and then the third.

When this was done, I secured the pieces together by wrapping scotch tape around the tail of the heart. And when I was satisfied with my stack of hearts, I grabbed my needle and thread to begin threading the hearts for a garland.

I didn't cut a specific length of thread since I didn't know how much I would need. Rather, I left the thread on the bobbin, carefully pulling more as I needed it, and I thread the needle through each heart. {I should add, I only went through the top of the largest heart.} Once each heart was on the thread, I eyeballed how much "tail" I would want left on the garland and cut the thread when I was happy. 
{I'm all about "winging" and "eyeballing" things.}

 Grabbing my scotch tape one last time, I secured the garland to the top of my frame.

And I LOVE it.

I already want to make a bunch of different garlands to change out on my new frame.

I'm forgetting to tell you something...OH! There is no glass in the frame. I printed 5x7 copies of the photos I liked and used command strips {made for posters} to secure them to the wall. :)

Have fun making your paper heart garland!



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