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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Missed The Huddle

Moving into a bigger home is great to say the very least. Having more space to run around, rooms to be alone in, and easier ways to find a place for everything certainly has it's perks. In fact, I quickly found that I didn't miss that old 900 sq. foot condo at all once we moved out.

That is, I didn't miss our small condo until around dinner time each and every day.

Our new home is wonderful. We have a room designated for toys, the hubster and I each have our own "office", we have a living room, a kitchen, and a nice big dining room. In our condo, the dining room was more like what I would call a "breakfast nook". It's a space at the end of the tiny kitchen where you could just fit a small table and chairs.

It's not that tiny space that I miss. I just miss the closeness. You see, in our new dining room, we have room for a large table and many chairs as well as a buffet, china cabinet, an old radio, and room to walk around. It's beautiful but when I sat down every night to eat with my family, I could barely reach the hands of my little ones when we would say grace.

What a tough adjustment it is to have such a bigger home than we knew as a growing family.

One night, I just couldn't take it. I told the hubster, "I don't like this. I'm stretching to reach the kiddos when we pray. I miss...I miss the huddle."

Following that meal, the hubster went away on business for the better part of the week and I wanted my little ones by me. I took the leaf out of the table and made it a small pedastal table again. That night, I ate with my kiddos and loved how close we were together. It was wonderful to be within reach of them as we ate and talked about our day.

I'm learning to not take this space for granted and my prayer is that anyone who enters my home will feel a part of the huddle.


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