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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Castaway Bay: My Review & What's In It For You {Giveaway}

Last weekend, my family and I packed up our van and drove a few hours south to Sandusky, Ohio where we were invited to stay with a group of bloggers at Castaway Bay. Castaway Bay is one of the resorts for Cedar Point and has something fun for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

The Hotel:

When we checked in at Castaway Bay, and as we spent time exploring the resort, my little ones became excited by all they saw. From the "pirate ship" in the lobby, to the shop full of Peanuts character goodies, to Club Castaway, to the arcade and water park, my kiddos felt like this resort was meant for them. I loved seeing them excited to be there, too. It feels good to know they were somewhere that invited them to be kids and have fun. 

There's plenty for adults to do as well. There was a spa in the resort {where little ones could also get their nails painted}, and even a TGIFridays restaurant. Yum! There is also plenty of Starbucks coffee on hand {of most importance to me, lol} and treats too!
Our room was the "Starfish" room. It had 2 queen beds, a closet, a mini fridge, a microwave, a flat screen tv, a small table with 2 chairs, a bathroom with a bathtub/shower, and a view of the bay. The room was nice and was very clean. My only criticism is a personal one as I'm pretty sure we've outgrown a room like this as a family of 5. The big kids don't share a bed very well and there wasn't room for a roll-away after we set up Mikayla's pack 'n play. However, there are suites available at Castaway Bay and rooms that would fit us comfortably and allow us all to get a good night's rest.
The event:

We received the warmest of welcomes in our room from Castaway Bay and it got all of us excited to be there. There was even a note welcoming each of us by name!! After we got settled, we went to play in the water park and then came back to our room to get ready for dinner. 

Castaway Bay had pizza, salad, chips, and drinks waiting for us. What's more, they took the time to make sure my son had a lactose free option for dinner. He felt special and I felt at ease, ready to enjoy the evening.  After dinner, we went over to their ballroom to decorate cookies and have fun as a family. We also were given towels to color with fabric markers and a photo opp with Snoopy. We all had a great time at the dinner but it was clear to me they weren't quite ready to go to bed.

Enter, Castaway Bay activities!!!
I took my 2 oldest kiddos upstairs to Club Castaway. While we were there, my son sang karaoke, we had a blast dancing at the dance party with Lucy, and we ended our evening with a Peanuts movie and story time with Snoopy. I kept hearing how much fun my little ones were having as our night unfolded. I had a lot of fun with them too and was so grateful to be able to share that time with them. 
The Waterpark:

This waterpark wasn't as big as some of the others we've visited in the past, but that certainly didn't take away from its element of fun.  My girls spent most of their time in the 0-entry, toddler pool where they splashed and played. Alex spent time with the hubster by the wave pool and then circled back around to play with us girls for a little bit. Beyond those two areas, there is also a big "tree house" to play in with a large bucket that dumps water every few minutes, there are many slides including one that takes you all the way around the waterpark, there is a hot tub for adults, basketball for big and little kids, and also a pool with lily pads to jump. One of my favorite things was seeing the boats filled with life preservers all over the place. They were handy and helpful as my little ones switched from one activity to another.

In the waterpark, there is also a snack stand and locker rooms. I found these two things to be wonderful since people checking in can enjoy the water park while they wait for their room and can also play there the entire day after they check out. Having somewhere to keep your things and something to eat is most helpful for families who choose to take advantage of this.

The Arcade:

If a hotel has an arcade, we simply can't stay away from it. My kiddos love to play games and win prizes, even if they happen to be small prizes most of the time. The arcade in Castaway Bay had all kinds of fun games and a neat system for "coins" and "tickets". All of the credits you buy go on a card and so do the tickets you win at each game. It's a pretty neat set-up and makes it a lot easier to keep track of what you have left and how many tickets you've earned without having to carry around cups full of tokens and tickets. We enjoyed our play time here and the kiddos each won a little something.

Should you choose to head to Castaway Bay with your family, you can look forward to:
  • {available for purchase} One-, two- and three-day Ride & Slide tickets (admission to Cedar Point and the Soak City outdoor waterpark on the same day) and daily admission tickets to Soak City at huge discounts.
  • Complimentary access to the beautiful Cedar Point Beach
  • Money-saving packages and reduced rates on two-night stays
  • Arrive early and stay late to add even more fun to your Castaway Bay Getaway
And much, much more!

Would you like to enjoy the waterpark with your family? I have 4 day pass tickets to Castaway Bay's waterpark for one lucky winner! {that's a $100 value!!}

**Many thanks to the Castaway Bay  and it's partnered PR firm for complimentary lodging and dinner for my family and I. These were provided in exchange for an honest review and promotion while at the #CastawayBay blogger event. The review shared is based on my own experience. Others may have a different opinion or experience.**



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