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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy "I Can't Take It" Friday

Today. Good Friday.

Every year on this day and Easter morning, I can't hold back the tears.

If you know anything about "The 5 Love Languages" you may better understand why "I can't take" the meaning of this day. My love language is gift giving. Do I need to say more?

Good Friday represents the day Jesus died to save undeserving people of their innumerable sins.  It was a "once and for all" gift meaning that you and I can live free and forgiven...and our children...and their children.


That's the gift I wrestle with. I don't feel worthy but I know He sees "worthy" in me. And when I think about forgiveness and the many times I mess up every day, I'm left saying "I don't know if I'll ever understand the depth of that kind of love, but I'm so thankful and I will love you back the best I can".

See? Even typing those words, I'm a blubbering mess.

Perfect love. Beautiful Grace.


I'll be taking this weekend off but I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter and leave you with a favorite song of mine.



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