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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blue Steel Titanium Ring Gift Idea {Review}

The Spring season is upon us bringing Summer right behind it. For me, that usually means I'll be wearing lighter clothing and accessories for comfort's sake. I like to keep it simple but I still like finding pretty things to wear. 

I was recently sent the Persuasion ring to review from Blue Steel. And when this blue and silver little box arrived at my home, I was all sorts of giddy. {What is it about the little box that makes opening jewelry so exciting?}


Perhaps the excitement is from being able to see what it looks like in person. I saw the stock image of this ring but I wasn't sure if the piece itself would hold up to that picture since I've never received anything from Blue Steel before.

I'm happy to report, it was love at first sight.


Simple, delicate, and dainty are the words I would use to describe this ring. It sparkles all the right ways and the fit of the ring is just right. It's very well made and it has kept all its beauty, even through my parenting, and homeschooling, and dish washing, and so on. I see no scratches or discoloration on this ring at all.


Let's talk about this ring with a little more detail. The ring itself is titanium. This titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free. That means you don't have to worry about irritation or discoloration. Also, titanium is a very strong metal and that's why I haven't seen any scratches or marks on it while I've been wearing it almost daily for the past few weeks.

The stones in the eternity band are CZ's, but the way these stones are set in the band makes them look pretty authentic. The clarity of the stones might be the real giveaway here. However, if someone just looks down and sees the ring, I don't think anything about it would scream "fake" at them. 

BUY IT: This ring can be purchased from Blue Steel for $99.99.

** Thanks to the PR firm or brand for the item to review. This review is based strictly on my experience and opinion. There was no compensation for the review itself or to influence my choice of words. Others may not agree or may have a different experience.**



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