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Friday, April 19, 2013


Five Minute Friday

Today, I'm joining with some crazy, brave and inspiring women at the blog of Lisa Jo Baker. Each Friday she gives a prompt and with that prompt, writers write for 5 minutes with no second-guessing. Just writing what comes to them. Then, they share and encourage each other. What a great {and scary} idea. 

I'm joining in and challenging you to do the same! Today's prompt is JUMP

Ready? Go!


Do you see her?

She's there. Wrapped up in her camouflage and clinging to the wall, her eyes are shut tight, one ear pressed to the wall, face turned away from the light, as she tries to be invisible. 


Don't move. Don't breathe. Don't be seen. 

The wallflower.


My heart has so ached being stuck on that wall. My throat burned with the words I choked down because someone might not like them

or need them

or even care about them.

"White noise", I said. I'm overlooked and tuned out. 

But my Daddy, my Father God, He saw me on that wall and called my name. "Amy", He said, "it's time to leave the comfort of holding on to that wall. Let go. Really let go, and come to me."

My neck ached as I turned my face toward His. So long I had turned it away from everyone. 

But my eyes met His. 

Warmth and Loved filled me from my toes up to my head. Oh, I couldn't help but smile. How could such love not bring me joy. But now the tricky

He held out His arms and promised to be there, waiting for me to come out of my hiding. His hand motioned me to come toward Him and I giggled, though I still didn't want to let go of the wall.

Finally, after the most loving stare down my heart could take, my hands left the wall, my back still leaning hard.  Once more, He motioned for me to come to Him...

...and here I am...

Right now...

This is me, tearing off from the wall and running with fire beneath my feet to His arms. And as I see myself getting closer, I jump right into them and cling to His neck. 

I made it. I'm here, safe and loved.


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