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Friday, May 3, 2013


Five Minute Friday

Today, I'm joining with some crazy, brave and inspiring women at the blog of Lisa Jo Baker. Each Friday she gives a prompt and with that prompt, writers write for 5 minutes with no second-guessing. Just writing what comes to them. Then, they share and encourage each other. What a great {and scary} idea. 

I'm joining in and challenging you to do the same! Today's prompt is "Brave"

Ready? Go!


That word makes me think of people I know who have done amazing things. Flying to the other side of the world to tell people about Jesus, staring down a fatal disease and fighting with every breath to beat it, holding hands with children who have been abused and abandoned to tell them they ARE loved, even serving in our military and fighting in wars.


But God brought to memory my own "brave" moments.


Mine come in the form of telling my parents about the sexual abuse I suffered as a biggest secret until I let it out, or the time I yelled "NO" and fought with every ounce of strength I had to keep him from raping me, or the time I asked God to help me find another way to live while I was locked up in his closet waiting for him to come back from hanging out with his friends.

Bravery stopped slitting my wrist when I wanted to die and decided "I want to live".

Bravery was choosing to stop starving myself, to leave the abusive relationship, to cling to the cross when I had absolutely nothing left.

Bravery was trying to begin friendships again and again only to be betrayed in huge ways and wounded. Bravery invited female faces to my home and tried more time.

Bravery was in the letting go of my past and giving it to Jesus.

And with all this mess, to see Him giving me beauty in return...His love makes it worth it all.


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