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Friday, May 3, 2013

Snikiddy Snacks, Please! {Review}

** Thanks to the PR firm or brand for the item to review. This review is based strictly on my experience and opinion. There was no compensation for the review itself or to influence my choice of words. Others may not agree or may have a different experience.**

Can I just be very honest with you about something? I really don't like when we have things like potato chips in the house for the kiddos to snack on. Most store-bought items are way too greasy and I just want to keep that garbage far away from their little stomachs. I don't even care for greasy potato chips to eat, myself. 

So, I hesitated when I was approached to review snacks with my family. That is, until I read that these snacks had no GMO's in them and certain types had a full serving of vegetables in every ounce of chips. That was all I needed to read and I was sold. I received 6 bags of chips to review from Snikiddy

 When we opened the box that had arrived, my little ones were very excited. Alex was even more excited when I told him that the Sea Salt chips had no milk in them.  I told them to pick a favorite to try first and those choices are the ones you see pictured above. {I tried a little bit of everything with one exception. I'll explain later.} Each of them were very tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed snacking on each flavor.

My Top Two Favorites:

I sampled both the Sour Cream & Onion and Grilled Cheese Puffs flavors. And while the Sour Cream & Onion chips were delicious, light, and not greasy, I preferred the airy Grilled Cheese Puffs for my own snacking. The only downside to these is that they're so airy, I lost track of how much I was eating. The upside, of course, was that they were all natural and not weighing down my stomach when I was done. 

Ah, the Bold Buffalo flavor. Yah, these didn't last very long at all in my house. The hubster is a huge fan of anything BBQ or, in this case, Bold Buffalo. In between hand fulls of his eating the baked fries, I did manage to get him to say something about them. He really, really liked them and thought they were very good. {Obviously, he thought so because they disappeared very quickly!}

I shared one very cheesy Cheddar Cheese fry with my smallest to see what she would think of it. Hm...will she like it? 

Yes! She loved it and wanted more right away. 

Snikiddy Snacks can be found in stores. Take a minute to search your zip code and find the store closest to you!



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