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Monday, June 3, 2013

Chocolate Bars And Community

Someone I know was going through a hard time recently. And maybe you can relate? Community had hurt her and I was trying to be an encouragement through prayer and conversations.

The other night I was rounding up groceries for my family. While I was at the store, I thought to myself that I would really like to find her something small to bring a little encouragement. With this thought in mind, I began to wander the store in search of *just the thing*.

Flowers? No. I wasn't overly impressed by the selection available.
K-Cups? No. I want it to mean something. What can I buy with meaning?
Chocolate is always a good idea...

And then it jumped into my mind with an exclamation point - A HERSHEY'S bar! I didn't even understand why I was doing this hunt for HERSHEY'S but I went with it.

It clicked when I held the chocolate bar in my hand. HER-SHE

Yes, this is the encouragement and smile maker I was seeking. A little sweet something to remind her that even if community hurts, "Her needs She and She needs Her".

When I grabbed one for her, I grabbed one for myself too. {Hey, who would leave chocolate behind if you're already buying it for someone else?} I was going to just snack on it on my own after dropping off the chocolate and sharing my candy bar revelation with my friend. But God wasn't done with what He wanted to show me.

Before I even opened the wrapper, I pictured the chocolate bar in my mind. Here. This. This is where the key is. Our community does = "Her needs She and She needs Her" but community is the joining of all these Hers and She's together. A HERSHEY'S bar is just one, big, sweet community; bricks of Hers and She's fused together with the common thread of Jesus. What a great reminder that isolation isn't the answer.

You may be thinking I'm cheesetastic right now. You may be thinking "That's a stretch". I'm OK with that.

Here's what I think. I think God knows me intimately, just like He knows you. He knows I love, love, love chocolate. He knows I'm a very visual learner. He knows this is just the sort of thing that will stick with me and bring a smile to my face as I remember. 

If nothing more, maybe you'll remember this when you're making S'Mores this summer or when you see these wrappers at the store. Maybe this will melt right into your heart and you'll remember this candy bar revelation of sweet community. 

Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity. 
{This goes for sisters too!}


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