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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New From Zonderkidz And Berenstain Bears {review}

** Thanks to the PR firm or brand for the items to review. This review is based strictly on my experience and opinion. There was no compensation for the review itself or to influence my choice of words. Others may not agree or may have a different experience.**

We've just finished up our first year of homeschool with Alex in Kindergarten. One of the main take-aways of his year was learning how to read and learning to enjoy it. To me, it seemed like the assignment of reading was more like a chore to him than something he wanted to do so I began to search for ways to make it fun. I had to find the kind of books that he would be drawn to and want to read. 

ZonderKidz {a subsidiary of Zondervan} reached out to me about the new I Can Read! book from The Berenstain Bears - Good Deed Scouts Help Their Neighbors. I knew right away that Alex would take to this book and want to read it. He really enjoys when we turn on The Berenstain Bears show during one of his TV times and is really familiar with the characters and setting of the stories. I was right, too. He was super excited to see this book {and others} in the envelope the day they arrived.

This first one is unique in that it's three books in one. The stories in this hardcover book are The Berenstain Bears - Mama's Helpers, Help The Homeless, and Honey Hut Helpers. These stories take readers through different scenarios and teach them not only how to be a help, but also how to think of others and see a need. Also, this book {along with others being reviewed} is a level 1 reader. This is perfect for my Kindergartner 1st grader.

We were also sent The Berenstain Bears - Thank God For Good Health, Piggy Bank Blessings, and Do Not Fear, God Is Near books to review. These are faith based books and speak to the topics of being brave at the doctor's office, being a good steward of your money, and trusting God enough to not be afraid of anything {even spooky shadows}. My 2 oldest kiddos have asked to read these stories over and over again. The message of each book is simple enough for them to understand but rich enough for us to have real heart to heart conversations about after reading.

The titles in this review are just the tip of the iceberg at ZonderKidz for their selection of  I Can Read! books. There are many more books from The Berenstain Bears along with selections from VeggieTales and other lovable characters as well. Head over and check out their titles then stock up for the summer. You'll want these on your little ones' shelves for sure. 



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