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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School Styles From KOHL'S {Review}

**Thanks to the PR firm, who supplied the items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**

Yes, I homeschool my kiddos, but "back to school" applies to us too. They need fall clothing and nice items to wear on our co-op outings and field trips. I'd also like to have a few things handy for photos. Thankfully, I was blessed to be able to work with KOHL'S to find the perfect items for my family.
 The above items are the product of my online shopping trip. The thing I love about shopping online is the ease of finding things my kiddos like {and don't like for that matter} without ever having to leave my couch. Beautiful.

My son, being my oldest, has come to also be very opinionated about his clothes if I ask him what he thinks. I was proactive and selected the CHAPS brand and let him choose from there. He selected Navy Chinos and the Colorblok Polo. Please note, if I had taken him to the store to pick something, I would have been there a WHOLE lot longer than I was on the website, comfortable, at home.

Now, when it comes to shoes, this boy...bless his heart...he cannot make up his mind to save his life and inevitably ends up choosing something quite expensive. {Insert pure ME influence here. I'm guilty of the same.} He just had to have light-up shoes and my emphasis was on finding a durable brand to keep up with how active he is. We ended up agreeing on the Skechers Ignis Light-Up Shoes and he has been thrilled to bits since they arrived.

Speaking of shoes, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get matching shoes for my girls. I don't get a lot of matching outfits for them since a lot of what Mikayla wears now is something Eliana handed down, but if I have the chance to match them I'll take it. I found the adorable Skechers BOBS World Shoes in Silver, available in both Eliana's and Mikayla's sizes. They sparkle AND they velcro open and closed for an easy on/off.

Matching clothes for the girls was a little trickier since Eliana has been wanting nothing more than matching outfits with her American Girl dolls. Her size happens to be the smallest I've found in that vein so I went with complimentary outfits for the 2 girls instead. Eliana's outfit is the Dollie & Me Star Drop-Waist Dress and Leggings Set. And Mikayla's is the Carter's Dot Tiered Top & Leggings Set.

I'm tickled to see these outfits on my girls {I'm a bit partial to their cuteness} but I think the best reaction was from Eliana. Her jaw dropped when she saw the sparkling shoes in the box and when she saw her outfit, she exclaimed "Mommy! This is so beautiful!". And until her new outfit was washed and ready to wear, she had so much fun finding a doll to wear the matching clothes. "Addy will look so nice in this!" She decided.

And little Mikayla in her new Carter's set? I can't get enough of it. The blue colors make her eyes sparkly and the owl on the top is so super sweet. There are also little navy colored buttons on the ankle of the leggings that tie the outfit together. Just adorable!

In looking up these items again to be featured here, I noticed they're ALL on sale {for now} and there are discount codes for 15% or 20% off {depending on how much you spend before taxes}. And if you do it right, you could end up with KOHL'S cash to use on future purchases too. I know!

I've linked up my picks to make your shopping easier that way. Be sure to come back and tell me about the deals you landed!



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