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Thursday, October 24, 2013

#inMercy Phase 5 Kick Off!

photo credit: Bess Brownlee
 I know I said at the beginning of all of this that I would be kicking off phase 3 of the #inMercy project. Incredibly, phase 3 is already funded...and so is phase 4...and no one even asked for you all to give but you did it anyway. {doing a jig and smiling from ear to ear}

Since God is cool like that, I'll be a part of the tweet team to kick off phase 5 at Allume. Please join me on Twitter tonight and follow the tweets of Lisa Jo Baker and Kristen Welch speaking on this project and why it's so important that we give to our sisters in Kenya.

photo credit: Bess Brownlee
Phase 5 is the "big baby" of the bunch. It's the phase where we're going to raise $53,000 to build a second home for the women in Kenya. Another home means more women and unborn children can be offered life and security. I know it sounds like a lot guys, but everyone teaming up has already bought them a new van, new classroom spaces, a generator, and a computer lab. {AH! That's so amazing to type out.} This, too, is possible!

photo credit: Bess Brownlee
This is the last push. This is the one that will be the hands reaching out to pull in more sisters in need. And this can be done. $1 at a time, $5 at a time, $25 at a time, it will all add up and the smiles of the women and their children who find a home with Mercy House Kenya will be worth it all.

I'll see you on twitter tonight, yes? Follow the hashtag #inMercy. If you would like to go right to the Pure Charity page and give now, click it!



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