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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#Dressember Looks Like...

We sat enjoying each other's company in the middle of a very busy, very loud Italian Restaurant. He and I were talking and the topic of human trafficking came up. It always does, somehow. I just can't help but talk about it as it's burning in my heart so often these days.

"What does it look like?" He asked. "When you put rescuing people from human trafficking next to the Bible, what does that picture look like to you?" He wasn't trying to quiz me, I knew he just wanted to understand how I see it. It didn't take but a quick breath before I attempted to create that picture in words for him.
I answered. "Jesus died a horrible death. People wrapped his body and placed it in the tomb. And though they buried Him, He wasn't there. His spirit had already left His body and He went straight to work at freeing us. He went to the place we were supposed to go and took back the keys to death, hell, and the grave. And I like to think He started snatching souls back too. That's what it looks like.
Human trafficking is so big a problem, we'll never be able to shut it down from the outside. We must go in. We have to find those in bondage and tell them, 'you are loved even now'. It's like what Laura does with My Sister Song. She takes gifts to the girls in stripclubs as they're working. If a girl is dancing, she leaves a gift for her at her feet. If a girl is serving drinks, she leaves her gift on her tray. She is sending the message that 'Even here - Even doing what you're doing at this very moment - You are thought of and you are loved.'
Jesus did that for us and that's what we must do for them."

He smiled and responded "Wow". I may have done a little raising of the roof while saying "Whoop, whoop!".

I get fired up. 

We need to stop looking down on others or thinking so highly of ourselves that we say "Thank God that isn't me". We need to count our blessings and be so thankful with the life we've been blessed with that we begin to desire that for other people. In my own mind, I'm all set. My "needs" list is pretty well taken care of and I've even been blessed to enjoy items on my "wants" list. God is good. But these blessings do not mark me as "better than" or "better off". These mark me as someone who has something to give.

Yes. My abundance, my blessings, even my scars and my messed up past - I give all of these back to His hands and ask that He would use them to create songs of freedom for others. Join me?

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